Faith Orphanage Foundation Zambia and
the Covid 19 response

 The coronavirus known as COVID-19 has in the recent past month become a global pandemic. As of this writing, over 6 million people have been infected with the virus with close to 400 000 people confirmed dead. It is also feared that without strict measures and sensitization to this pandemic, millions of people might fall victim to this virus and die. As this writing, over 100 people have been confirmed to be carriers of COVID-19 in Zambia with 3 confirmed deaths. Zambia, as a developing country, faces a challenge in curbing and restricting the spread of the virus due to inadequate healthcare systems. If this inadequacy is not met in Zambia and Africa in general, the WHO has warned of Africa becoming the next epicentre of the virus.


Community sensitization

This involves public announcements through various media such as the use of P.A systems in communities, brochures and posters.


Cleaning of public places

The cleaning of public places such as markets, bus stations and other public places are seen as vital in helping stop the spread of the virus.


 Handing out of face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers

As it has become mandatory for people to wear face masks whilst in public, the organization intends to distribute masks, hand sanitizers and gloves to the public especially those working in markets, bus stations and other public places where they may come in contact with other people.


Spraying of disinfectants in public places

Apart from the handing out of sanitary, the organization intends to take part in the exercise of public spraying of disinfectant in public places to ensure that working areas are safe


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