Faith Orphanage Foundation(FOF) was established in 1992 to help respond to the emergent HIV/AIDS problem which was already widely affecting several Zambian families.

Faith Orphanage Profile



To mobilise and equip orphaned and vulnerable children with a foundation upon which to choose and fulfil their own destiny to show them love and respect they deserve so that in turn, they will look at the world with new vista



To contribute to the prevention of the further spread of HIV/AIDS and to the mitigation of its impact on individuals and communities on the Copperbelt and north Western Province of Zambia.



To give an individual a chance

How do we achieve this?

In order to achieve this goal, FOF has two objectives, which relate to programming at community level and to institutional strengthening respectively.


Empower the vulnerable children

To empower the vulnerable children, youths and adults in rural areas with basic needs of life such as education, food shelter clean drinking water and clothing so they can face the challenges of life with hope.


Empower basic Skills

To empower the vulnerable people in our communities with basic skills such as agriculture, home craft, nutrition and health, so that they can be self-sustained, supported and productive.

About Faith orphanage Foundation Zambia

Faith orphanage Foundation(FOF) was established in 1992 to help respond to the emergent HIV/AIDS problem which was already widely affecting several Zambian families. The work of FOF has focused on the Copperbelt and north western provinces of Zambia. The HIV/AIDS pandemic has impacted on the community at large as FOF we have a distinctive competence in collaborating with marginalized and disadvantaged communities in rural and peri-urban areas, in the field of education, health and nutrition, and health education.

The privatization of the mines on the Copperbelt led to various, unfriendly policies being implemented by various multi-national investors, to the detriment of the livelihood of several families. Coupled with low copper incomes and increasing oil prices, Zambia’s economy took a nosedive, impacting poor communities even more.

FOF is a duly registered Zambian NGO, with a board of directors, consisting of 8 persons (3females and 5 males)- two from the ministry of education; one founder member, one from ministry of health, 1 civil society representative and 1 from local church 1 from the private sector one from the farming community. There are 11 members of staff; 100 volunteers, youth and women..

FOF works closely with other organizations, including government line ministries which include the Ministry of Education (MOE), Health, community development, youth and sports to implement multi-faceted health education intervention, which uses existing and strengthened responses to ensure improved livelihoods among children, youths, women and their care takers. Most of the care takers need support as well; they are vulnerable people living on less than 1 dollar a day and/or living with AIDS in a poverty context.


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